hostile, fiercely independent, passive, dependent, feminine, aggressive, warm, castrating person all-in-one.
if you want to ask Archive all you need to know about me le visage
"Be with someone who you don’t have to hide from, in any way. Whether it’s your morning face before you’ve put your make up on, an embarrassing story to tell about something that happened on your way home, or an ambition you’ve had since you were six… make sure you end up with someone who knows all of it and still loves you. A person you can tell your whole life to is a person worth spending a life with."
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im glad i dont have a thigh gap i almost dropped my phone into the toilet but i caught it with thunder and lightning

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how do you say ‘please talk to me more i crave your company’ to someone without sounding like a creep

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Frankenstein enters into a body building competition and finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective

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Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines


Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

"It’s not always about sex, sometimes the best type of intimacy is where you just lay back, laugh together at the stupidest things, hold each other, and enjoy each others’ company."
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