acts of random kindness

today after school, my mom needed to go to the clinic. so she’s taking a pretty long time and me, two of my sisters, and my grandpa are waiting in the car, and i leave the car battery on so i can keep the mobile wi-fi running. when my mom came back, i tried to start the car but, i killed the battery from charging the damn wi-fi. everyone was freaking out because my dad was at work, and the jump-starter was at home,  when suddenly out of nowhere, this random guy knocks on the window and asks if we need help. he heard the car not starting and happened to have a jump starter in his car. he helped us out, no questions asked, and left with a smile once we were off and running. 

i appreciate you random stranger. thanks (:

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10th February 2012 @ 08:56pm

#acts of random kindness #makes me want to randomly help out others too

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